Visit to University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Written by helen.okpala

Visit to University of Johannesburg, South Africa


Posing with the Director of the Library


My visit to the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Library was a brief one but worthwhile. It was during the Times Higher Education Ranking Summit of December, 2016 which I attended with other representatives from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, that I deemed it fit to breeze into the UJ Library to study few things about their library.

I visited all the sections of the library with particular attention to the Digitization and Institutional Repository (IR) Units. I was taken through the process of Digitization and upload of materials to the UJ IR.   I learnt that the library no longer indulges in digitization of their materials, especially after outsourcing the project to a company in South Africa called Metrofile. The software used for their IR has changed from DSpace to another software which I do not wish to share without permission.

It took me some hours to understand the process flow of their archiving process in the IR. It is interesting to know, that not all documents are being archived. On asking the lady (name withheld) in charge, their level of consciousness of the University Rankings, she confirmed that University of Johannesburg would always strive to be at the top.

Watch this space for updates on my experiences at other sections. Please drop your comments! Thanks!

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