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Hi friends! Welcome to my space – my blog. I hope this is not too early to wake you up with a cup of coffee as we relax to hear me out on some helpful tips for you that has been applying for grants, fellowships and jobs since for ages, without success.

Not to worry because I have got some helpful tips (coming from my heart) that will help you achieve that success this year. How does that sound? Cool, right? Yeah, I’ve got that smile. Now, I have some concise tips for you right here and HERE WE GO!

***Tips for fellowship and job applicants***
1. Go for QUALITY, not QUANTITY.
             What do I mean by this? The judges are usually more interested in what you have to say than how you say it. So, quality is preferred, not quantity.
2. Be mindful of the CHARACTER LIMITS
             If the benchmark is 500 words, you must not reach exactly 500 words. Of course, you know you should never exceed it. Be mindful of the character limits.
3. Do not use same ESSAY for different applications
             Sometimes, laziness comes in to play and so, we use same essay we used last year for this year’s application, especially for same programme or job. You never know if that essay made you lost the spot the previous year, so why call for failure this time again? Does it mean nothing new has been added in your achievements?
4. Always UPDATE your CV
             A lot of us do not update our CV. That is wrong when you want to be successful in the corporate world. Do not send same CV you sent last year. No matter how little the achievement, pen it down on your CV. No achievement is small. If you have taken an online course or two, add to your CV already.
5. Blow your TRUMPET or SELF-market
             It is not humility not to talk about your achievements neither is it pride when you share your achievements to the world. Not only does sharing your achievements and abilities to the world announce you, it shows you know your onions and it also helps to market you for future jobs. Not everybody applies for jobs. Your self-marketing can make companies to look for you.
6. Create a DIGITAL Footprint of yourself.
             I presented a paper some years back at the International Conference Centre, Abuja on “Creating a digital footprint as a means of optimizing the personal branding of librarians in the digital society”. The paper has been published by Webology Journal .
In the paper, I highlighted some tips on how to create a positive digital footprint. You can refer to the article.
             In a nutshell though, a digital footprint is your digital shadow, the mark you leave online. You cannot be looking for a job in this contemporary era and not be on social media or at least, have your profile online and make yourself visible.
7. Do not always be NEGATIVE on Social Media
             Some people can never post anything good and uplifting on social media. All they do is find faults with the government. Other people derive joy in making negative comments on people’s posts. You cannot be looking for job from companies which are online these days, and at the same time be posting negative things about them. You think nobody sees or screen-grabs your posts or comments?
              Now let’s discuss: You want a job or contract from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 
but for the past two months, you have been passing negative comments about the University on Social media and tagging people. On the verge of getting your appointment letter, someone could scatter your dreams by screengrabbing your negative comments and producing them as a book. lol. Assuming you have written something like: The Management of this company are all crazy. Damn ya’all, for the useless…. 
AHA! Now I know what you are thinking right now. You just said: ‘What if I am using a fake name on social media, will they find me out’?   They may not find you out but hear me out! What if the company decides to look you up on Google and discover you have no online presence, meanwhile your Facebook profile would have been your only saviour? Some of my friends would say: Ask your ancestors. 
8. For the eight point? Sorry, my daughter is calling me right now. She says my coffee is cold already. See ya all next time, and don’t forget to drop your comment if you like these tips. There is love in sharing, so you can share this post on your various social media platforms as well. Ciao!

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