Prof. Omwoyo Bosire Onyancha visits University of Nigeria, Nsukka

There is an ongoing International Conference and Homecoming of Library and Information Science Department, University of NigeriaNsukka. This commenced on 26th June, 2017, with the Opening Ceremony held on 28th June, 2017.
The Opening was coloured with a keynote speech by Professor Bosire Onyancha  who is a Research Professor, Department of Information Science, University of South Africa. Prof. Onyancha is a renowned Professor of Informetrics, Bibliometrics, Webometrics, Information and Knowledge Management. His area of research keeps expanding as knowledge expands.

As a way of bringing up the knowledge level of Librarians and researchers who attended the conference, Prof B. Onyancha vividly x-rayed the programmes and research opportunities at University of South Africa (UNISA).

It was a well received exposition, as attendees expressed keen interest in finding research collaboration opportunities at UNISA.

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  • Indeed he is a renowned Prof. in the listed area above. We also thank him for highlighting areas of collaboration with UNISA. We shall indeed explore the opportunities

  • Prof. Onyancha’s lecture was great. We were exposed to the activities of the department in the College of Human Sciences, university of South Africa.

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