Igboist Millionaire Club – Millionnaires will be made today at 5pm!

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IGBOIST is a Facebook Group created by Hon. Maria Ude Nwachi, a 47 year old Legislator at Ebonyi State House of Assembly. She hails from, and lives in Afikpo. Currently she created and manages various Facebook pages and groups. Igboist Group on Facebook is one of the largest groups on Facebook with 1,435,647 members. Just last week, she created another group which she called Igboist Extra of about 239,629 members (just in less than one week) which came up after Igboist feeds were no more seen on members’ walls, although it has been sorted out.

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To celebrate the re-appearance of the group feeds, she declared One Million Naira to be shared among members of the group based on some criteria. It was an online night party on Facebook.

Maria Ude Nwachi is loved by many and has lots of fans and beneficiaries. The way she dishes out money to members of the group and beyond is simply amazing. Lots of testimonies abound. One of the great writers of our time and staff of University of Nigeria, Nsukka – Jeff Unaegbu (A film script writer and an author of 18 books) on January 6, 2018, wrote a LONG post about Maria Ude Nwachi, part of which is comes below:igboist5

Maria Ude Nwachi has some good philanthropists who are in the Igboist  group helping fellow Igbos financially and materially. These helpers are Nigerians in diaspora and within Nigeria. It’s a group where people encourage one another and have fun. The Igboist Group is for only Igbos and there are criteria for joining the group one of which is that one must have at least, one Igbo name attached to his or her name. This platform has brought lots of people together to form relationships and some have got married from the group. 

Recently, she posted a picture of the modern toilet facility she is building in her hometown, Afikpo. She wrote:

“To my people, I am very sorry that this modern toilet facility has taken me longer than I expected to complete…Today, I am happy that in less than 2 weeks; I will call you, and some in my Facebook constituency, to come and celebrate the opening with me. This has cost me some major mula. My motto; is live and let live, and my other motto is; anything worth doing is worth doing well, very very well. It is located in the famous Eke Market, Afikpo…Afikpo is an ancient city. Eke Market has been serving so many other towns in Ebonyi state, and beyond for decades. And this same great market had not toilet. Can you just imagine??? That is why I made up my mind that I was gonna give us a fine toilet facility with all the facilities anywhere in the world. I don’t don’t give a damn how much it will cost. Being broke or not was not a valid excuses. Bath dey there too, office dey too. You trust BCEL nah. I can’t carry 2nd. I am happy that tiling and not mula is holding up things,now, and i don’t mind as I need to to take their time and make sure every where is tiled, I am talking TILE THEM ALL. I repeat, let no place be left untiled… Everything is all about management and maintenance. I am going to engage workers that would make sure this place is sparkling clean 24 hours daily.     Yours truly, Best Chic Ever Liveth. AFIKPO CHIC. UDE IGBO. See pictures below: 




Wow! You think you have seen anything yet? Not really. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

Back to the post at hand, the Igboist Millionnaires Club was an idea that came up this January to enrich many Igbos in 2018. The idea is to get people enriched by paying certain amounts per category of draw.

ABOUT IMC: Igboist Millionaire Club (IMC) is an lottery based empowerment program for Igboists. Millionaires and Mulanaires will emerge every last Saturday of the month in a LIVE draw. IMC FULL DETAILS CLICK HERE:


You want to see the lady behind all these? Look below:


To visit her Facebook Profile, click HERE

To join IGBOIST Group, click HERE 

To join IGBOIST Extra, click HERE

Before I drop my pen, I wish all participants in the Igboist Millionnaire Club lottery,  BEST OF LUCK



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