Maggi Naija Pot: Everyone needs it!

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Maggi Naija Pot: Everyone needs it!

I chose to blog about Maggi Naija Pot this early morning, not because I am marketing it, but because I need it and I guess so many people out there do same. Since the aggressive advertisement of this stock cube both on DSTV, Gotv and Social Media, there have been lots of positive comments and feedback from people that have used this maggi for cooking. One thing that attracted me to WANTING to cook with this Maggi Naija Pot (You can imagine I have not yet seen it with my eyes, let alone using it to cook.) is the AGGRESSIVE advert on Facebook. The adverts are so wonderful, but then the last straw that made me pause with my blog posts on my Food Blog ( pending when I get this Maggi Naija Pot, was when I came across the ‘bottom-pot-of-yam‘ advert by the popular Chioma Omeruah, best known as Chigurl on Facebook. It cracked me up a lot, although I learnt a new recipe from the ad.

I had to share the advert on my Facebook timeline (see pic below) on December 7, 2017.

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Oh! Have I mentioned the fact that a lot of people have been asking me to send them packs of the maggi, thinking I am a distributor. How I wish. lol. I have really marketed this maggi and I feel happy about it. But then, the painful side is that I have searched for this Maggi in Nsukka Market, yet I can’t find it. Some of my friends that got to know about the maggi through me, have already bought it and are testifying already, yet I have not used it. One of my friend –  the CEO of Tochini Beads, who is resident in Lagos, has also bought it and thinks I need some packs as a voluntary advertiser of Maggi Naija Pot. I never took that to heart, but now I think I think so too. lol. See her comments below:

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To end this post and to cut the long story short, I would love Maggi Naija Pot to know that people need this maggi like crazy. Christmas is fast approaching. Some of us have drawn our meal plans and wish to use this maggi to cook. I have ordered my snails for my local dishes and I still hope to get a pack or two of Maggi Naija Pot so I can share my delicious recipe on my 

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