Global Handwashing Day

useMost of our children come home from school and we do not ask them to wash their hands. I think we should set up home rules one of which is: ‘wash your hands after school’. If we inculcate this habit in our kids, it would go a long way in enabling healthy living in our society. I remember the times of Ebola outburst in 2014, how people washed their hands frequently. They were doing only bearing Ebola in mind; nobody wanted to contract Ebola disease. Now that the Ebola is off our system, how many people continue in that habit? I think I should take a poll to find out. You will be sure to investigate and get the drop to be 70:10% in terms of continuity and vice versa. Interpreting this you find that 70% of persons were washing their hands regularly, but now 10% still do. Then the people selling hand sanitizers made lots of cash, but now how many people use hand sanitizers? My question is: Must there be a health threat before people learn to live healthy?

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