Beyond 140 Characters in Twitter?

Image result for happyI went to the Bank this hot afternoon…oh! sorry, yesterday’s hot Tuesday (of course, this is Wednesday -2:45am and obviously another day) to carry out some transactions. In the midst of the delay I encountered, I took time to listen to CNN and got caught by the splashing news that ‘Twitter intends adjusting the 140 characters and some other features’. The news alone made my day due to the hassles of trying to squeeze in some thoughts in one tweet which I have experienced severally. Most often, it becomes inconvenient and awkward, posting one story so many times due to the 140 character limit. The most annoying part is the more you tag people, the more the characters are eaten up. Anyway, may I not rejoice too much until we see the deed as done!

For more, visit: https://blog.twitter.com/express-even-more-in-140-characters

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