New Year Wish, 2016!

 Presentation1Happy New Year to all my fans. I really know most of us enjoyed our holidays. For Christians, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, although some Sects do not join in this thread. That is by the way…I spent my Christmas not in the village, but in the town where I live – Nsukka. About the weather? Climate is really changing, especially down here in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. The harmattan is usually expected to be drastic in January, but it came in full force in December, 2015. Right now in January, the heat is beginning to increase.

Most people spend their Christmas and New Year holiday in their villages; in fact, it is the norm among the Ibo tribe in Nigeria. I was somewhat not game to travel this time and thank goodness, my hubby and baby concurred. winks! 2016 is another year to give God thanks and to set goals for ourselves. I would say, people no longer talk about new year resolutions because it is hardly kept. You know what? No resolution can be kept without the Holy Spirit’s help. You cannot do anything on your own. For instance, you may say: ‘I will never drink alcholol’, but you notice that before you say JACK…you already know what happens.

My wish for you this 2016 is that you make the Holy Spirit your closest friend and ask Him to help you keep your new year resolutions as you call it. All the best and do not forget to hug your library this month!

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