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Trying to get back my place contd… “Little foxes that spoil the vine”


Welcome to the second edition of the post: Lady “H” – trying to get back my place! I know you all had a nice weekend and ate very delicious rice and stew, or fried rice? Oh no…..I just remembered I left my burner on…wait a minute….(zooms off to the kitchen). Wow! It almost got burnt….THAT was clOSe!!! You see? This is one of the little foxes that spoil the vine – lack of concentration. Have you ever asked yourself some questions why you fail some exams and never make good grades in some courses? Have you also asked yourself why you hit your big toe on a rough edge of stone and get your toe cap open and filled with blood? As a singer, have you asked yourself why you always miss your key while singing, even after you must have rehearsed with a chosen key? You rehearse on key F# but go a semitone higher ( Key G) while ministering? The simple answer is ”‘lack of concentration‘.  We lack concentration when we have fear instilled in us. Fear tells us we cannot achieve what we are set to achieve. Fear makes your mind wander about the whole place, setting your mind away from your target. Distraction is a senior brother to lack of concentration. Think about the several times when you were distracted and you lost concentration. If you are a guy, you see a lady in what the conventional people would term ”’hot skirt’ and you lose control of your whole body. You are a lady, you see a guy with a ‘posh car’, you lose your sense of judgement and dignity. A word is enough for the wise. Take back your place by making a wise choice today. Disconnect Distraction and Lack of Concentration from you by focusing on the positive. Face what is facing you and bypass that state! I am taking charge of my situation NOW! Who is following me?

Signed: Helen Nneka Eke (a.k.a Lady “H“)

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