Lady “H” – trying to get back my place!

Written by helen.okpala

Wow! ”Getting back my place” sounds like I am gonna go hit someone on the forehead like I am going to fight a thief that stole what I have (or had?)…(wondering). Okay, far from that because I am not in the mood for fights right now and have I ever, have you ever  heard that ‘Helen’ is a fighter? Ouuuuuuuch! That sounds so hard on me. I am just but a female who is yet to know how to add up to her biceps to act like one ‘macho‘ that got his power from his masculine mother’s womb. Hmmmmm! Now, unto what my post implies here- I am a lady with much interest in knowing what life has in stock for her; what her values are and achieving her goals. What are goals? Goals are set out objectives which one intends to achieve either in short or in long term. Once in a while we tend to forget where we came from (our back-end) and where we are headed for in life (our front-end). What my goals are, I had forgotten; what my mission in life is, distraction had eaten deep into its fabric a long time ago. Ago was a time when there was a breach of aim-loss of direction was it. It came like a flood and blew my dreams away. Away was that destination that I thought I could never get hold unto. But a time, I said to myself: “Lovely Lady, why don’t you sieve away all the little little foxes that spoil the vine”? What foxes are those? In my next post, I would let you know about these little foxes. Hmmmm! Thank you for dropping by.

Singed: Helen Nneka Eke (ak.a,  Lady ‘H‘)

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