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THE Friend Request

It was getting late into the night after a heavy downpour on a beautiful Sunday evening, when uka madam took to her laptop to check her request list on Facebook. Oga had travelled for two weeks without the usual daily calls due to one reason or the other, but definitely related to work. This of course, gets on someone’s nerves.

She once thought:


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“How on earth can a married man or a lover so to speak, stay one whole day without hearing his lover’s voice”? Earlier that week, she had picked her phone to call oga, but according to her, ‘he refused to pick his calls’. This is exactly what happens when people call their friends or acquaitances without getting a response. So many conclude you ‘refused’ to pick their call when actually, the phone never rang. One then begins to wonder if people deliberately feign ignorance of phone network modus operandi or should we beckon on mobile network operators to organise a seminar so as to educate the people of this blessed world, that there is what is called ‘not available’, ‘not reachable’, ‘switched off’, ‘line busy’ or whatever is left. Even after these blessed people are asked to ‘…try again later’, they angrily conclude the other party deliberately switched off their mobile device. Well, that’s a lecture for another day. Back to Uka madam. 

As it was getting close to 11:00pm and oga never call, she angrily accepted almost all the friend requests on her Facebook profile. She really needed to chat with someone, no…her husband actually, but as it

friend request


appeared, chatting with just anybody could suffice. About 100 requests came on board, but she took particular note of one profile with a very handsome, muscular guy on the display picture. As soon as she accepted the request, a message came in.

‘Woooooow!’ she exclaimed in her inner being. ‘Who on earth would be in the mood to make a married woman like me happy this night’? This she asked herself, not knowing where the chat was going to lead her to. Nothing evil, of course, but like they say: ‘all that glitters is not gold’. Who has ever seen a glittering gold, really? We can all boast of seeing and wearing gold jewelries which to us means a whole lot, but considering coming in touch with a real glittering unmoulded gold…that’s by the way.




‘Pretty girl’

‘Girl, you say’?

‘Are you married’?

‘It doesn’t matter, what matters is why you are chatting a girl ‘up so late in the night’

‘Are you alone, can we talk? Can I video-call you’?

‘Hmmmm. So soon? You’ve not even asked me my name’

‘Okay, young lady, what’s your name?’

‘I will tell you later, but would love to know how you knew I was lonely this night’

‘Well…let’s say I’ just wanna thank you for accepting my friend request. Courtesy demands, or Facebook asked me to thank you anyways’

‘Oh! If that is the case, let us end the chat because it didn’t come from your heart’


‘Yes, I mean it. All you guys are the same. You want to psyche us and end up breaking our heart. You win a woman, marry her, then you keep on tormenting her with loneliness. When is this all gonna end. I mean….’

[He breaks in]

‘Hey!…hey!!…hey!!! what’s wrong’?

[She ends the chat and he calls her on phone]

‘Hello sweety, why are you sobbing’?

[She answers with expression of surprise]

‘Wow! You have my number?’

‘Of course, I do. It’s me, your husband. I’m so sorry, putting you through all these loneliness. I was waiting on you to call me. I thought you had already made up your mind not to relate with me again, after the face-off we had concerning my mum the last time she visited and she confronted you about burning the food…bla…bla…bla… In case you’ve forgotten, click HERE…  

Meanwhile… (stay tuned!)





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