I am a Proud Librarian

Written by helen.okpala

I lack words to express how happy I am to be a Librarian. I developed interest in Librarianship during my secondary school days when I was the deputy school Librarian. When it was time to enroll for JAMB exams, I chose Library and Information Science as my first choice course of study in University of Nigeria, Nsukka When the result was out, I passed and  was admitted to study Library and Information Science, to combine with Botany. It was not easy to combine Library and Information Science with such a course full of heavy unit load courses and several borrowed courses like Chemistry, Microbiology and some education courses.

  During my 3rd year, I contested in my Departmental elections for the post of Chief Librarian and won with a wide margin. In my fourth year, I became the Departmental Vice President. I later graduated and went for Youth Service with my mates. I was posted to Niger State, although I wished for Abuja. But God knew why he allowed me to serve in Niger State. I was assigned to be an English teacher to SS2 students.  Teaching was a bit new to me with the hassles of making lesson notes and all. Due to the little amount they paid us, I decided to do extra jobs to make ends meet. I decided never to ask my parents for a dime throughout my stay there. I love being independent and making my own name. Aside my place of primary assignment, I taught in three places so I wouldn’t need to touch my “allowee”.

 As a “small corper” that I was (as they all called me), people always loved to tease me. At a point, I asked myself this question: “What impact can I make in Niger State before I leave here”? Then it occurred to me that Government Day Secondary School, Kpege-Mokwa did not have a library. I then thought of establishing a library for the school. I told my wonderful Zonal Inspector, Mr. K.C. Ochu about my initiative. He quickly grabbed it and approved of it. Even when I slumbered, he encouraged me. He asked me to write letters so he could take to the State Co-ordinator to sign. The project became “ours”. He really helped me with drive, inspiring words, and motivation. We drafted all the letters for companies, Banks, libraries, and individuals. I need not tell the whole story, but the long and short if it all is that the library was Commissioned in 2005 successfully. It was not an easy task as I travelled to many States in Nigeria. I visited companies – Coca Cola, Dangote; institutions, National Libraries, Academic Libraries, individuals, etc. To get the full report, click HERE to view report page, or click HERE to download.

I currently work in University of Nigeria Nsukka Library, a.k.a Nnamdi Azikiwe Library.

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